1) Definition of caricature.
A caricature (Italian caricare: overdraw, exaggerate) is a picture that exaggerates or skews a physical characteristic of one or various persons, in order to create an easy to identify similarity of humorous character. The technique bases generally on exaggerating the most prominent physical characteristics (lips, eye-brows etc), to create a comical impression.

2) What kind of photo shall I send?
Choose two or three clear photos of each person to be caricatured to help us capture their ‘typical’ expressions. Make sure they are ‘natural’ without hats, sunglasses, wigs, or silly expressions.

Avoid faint, dark or coarse-grained photos.

3) If I send two individual photos, can you make a couple caricature out of it? Or does the photo need to be of both people together?
Of course you can send individual photos; the caricaturist makes the composition when he does the caricature.

4) What styles of caricature can be chosen?
The classic caricatures (CartoonClassic) are drawn on artist’s paper with charcoal or pastel colours.

Digital caricatures (CartoonDigital) are also drawn by hand and the colour is applied with digital techniques, using more brilliant colours and more greater detail.
It will be send in a digital file (to print it at home or in a print shop).
These types are the more frequent ones but you can also opt for the pop caricature (CartoonPop)

5) How do you send the caricature?
Depending on your choices the shipping will be handled the following way:

* The caricature is send per e-mail or by courier service (DHL, UPS etc)
* Once we receive your photos, it’ll take between 1 week and 10 days to receive the caricature at home.
* The shipping costs amount to about £16.

6) How do I pay for my caricature?
Payment is made by bank transfer or a cash deposit into our bank account before we send your caricature.

7) How long does delivery take?
Once we receive your photos, your caricature will arrive in about 1 week to 10 days.

8) How do I print my digital or pop caricature?
The caricatures can be printed at home, in a photo studio or copy center that offers digital printing. We recommend printing the caricature on matt or glossy photo quality paper of at least 180 grams.

9) What happens if I’m not satisfied with the result?
Its important to bear in mind that caricature is subjective work, the caricaturist gives you a personal interpretation based on the photos and your initial comments.
We will make changes relating to requests you made on the order form (but we do not change anything not specified at the beginning of your order).

10) What is the difference between a classic and a digital caricature?
The difference is that the classic one is completely drawn and finished by hand on artist’s paper and is send to you by courier, whereas the digital caricature is also drawn on paper- the sketch and the most important part. Then it is scanned and the colouring, shading, composing the background etc. is done digitally. You will receive a high resolution digital file by email, which allows you to vary the size and replicate it.

The size of the paper of the classic caricature is of 32 x 45 cm.

11) Can you do caricatures live at an event anywhere in the UK?
We have caricaturists in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Bristol and Edinburgh, but can also attend events in any other UK city, to animate celebrations, weddings, fair trades or any other kind of live event. According to the time available and the amount of people to caricature, the number of caricaturists necessary to cover the event can be adjusted.

In one hour, a number of 8 to 20 people can be caricatured, depending on the chosen model (you can choose between an outline, a whole body or a caricature of the whole body, with shades).

For the live events we can guarantee close resemblance as well as high professionalism, in addition to creating a humorous atmosphere (see video in our CartoonLive section).

12) Can I see the draft beforehand?
In general we do not send drafts. It is our experience that non-professionals in the field of illustration have difficulties visualising the final result. We only work with experts in the field of caricatures and you can see the results in our galleries.
However, if you want to have a preliminary sketch, you can order one for £20.